Maybe you came back from vacation and felt a bit overwhelmed. You know the overwhelm feeling…mail piled up, calls awaiting your response, hundreds of emails, projects to catch up on! It can seem daunting. It would be too easy to let everything pile up and get buried into a big hole but there is coach

What you immediately do when you get back to your daily routines will determine how successful you will be in catching up or falling way behind and feeling depressed. Obviously, avoiding the overwhelm feeling is the way to go unless misery is something that you crave.


Here are some quick tips for getting back on track and releasing the feelings of overwhelm:

  1. Get clear on your goals. If you are not clear on what needs to happen, you will never get where you want to go.
  1. Chunk it down. Break your “to do” list into doable smaller steps.
  1. Set realistic time frames. Give yourself due dates along the way to help reach the ultimate goal on time. If you work best with accountability, find ways to have others hold you accountable. What can you promise to someone in order to guarantee your action?
  1. Be intentional. Having the best of intentions is not the same as being intentional. Without intention nothing will move forward. You need to plan time to make progress on your goals.
  1. Review and revise as necessary. Let’s face it…life happens. Review your deadlines, due dates, and goals and revise accordingly.


Of course you will need to take the actions to ensure the steps are followed. Without your actions, nothing gets completed. Stay the course and see the end results which sure beats that feeling of overwhelm. Keep focused and make sure you do as much as you can and you will gain confidence and be successful.

When you reach your goals and are ready to take it to the highest levels of achievement, Maximum Performance delivers the extraordinary results that you want and need.


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