This instant will almost certainly stop. If it does, what positive affirmations from this day would you like to remember? Which thoughts would you like to keep off  from what actually transpired in your day?

What do you want to opt-in to remember?

You can make a decision. People say there’s 2 facets to every single moment in history. You’ll be able to decide to spotlight all that is proper and certainly effectively, additionally, you can opt to explain to the things gone drastically wrong. If you think over it, your bad and good stories, welcome and unwelcome instances, satisfied and depressing instances could all happen together from the very same instant. You will have many but, even so, irregardless you will notice some instances more than others.

Your emotive response to a time in your history has a bearing on how dazzling that recollection will be in your case. When something dreadful comes about, it becomes locked in the mind rather than something you really do not care about. When something thing outstanding comes about, it invites a greater emotive result that you can sit back and recall. You may even start off experiencing how you actually felt in that instant.

When you recall very good thoughts it helps you feel very good and becomes positive affirmations. Filter the feel happy instances more often. Choose to remember the very good. Allow the best instances to be the main part of your recollection. When you feel happy, you are more likely to experience the very good in the present moment. Good generates more positive affirmations, so when you choose to remember, remember the very good.

Take yesterday for example. You lived 24 hours in this day. Which instances did you choose to remember about the day? Are they positive affirmations or negative affirmations? Did you remember the part you enjoyed or the moments that were negative? Will you remember the people you were surrounded by and the laughs you shared or the people that irritated you the most? Do you put more energy into talking about all that was amazing about yesterday or do you only remember the hair in your salad plate?

What do you choose to remember and focus on?

If you have a choice, why not focus on how fantastic life is in your case? When you do, life has a way of getting even more fantastic. Why not use this instant to decide to remember the best moments of your life? If you allow this, life will become more about the best life has to offer. Why not take this chance to commit yourself to notice more of the beautiful, more of the fantastic, more of the bright lights that shine in each instant. Do you see them? Do you see those wonderful things that are happening to you every instant of every day? If you see the wonderful things that many people ignore, when you remember them, you start experiencing more wonderful things in your life. Life is sending you outstanding gifts just because you are worthy of good moments. Will you choose to remember this? If you do, life will show you how true it is.

Yesterday was filled with all the gifts life could squeeze into 24 hours. Did you receive them? Can you allow them into your space? Does it make you uncomfortable thinking that this applies to you? Well, it does. It applies to everyone equally so if it applies to anyone, it applies to you as well. The moments are there in your case if you choose to see them. The outstanding thoughts are located right next to your disappointments, heartbreaks, losses and failures.

What do you choose to focus on today?

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