Build the best team and get the best results for your organization

executive coaching for ceo's

Executive coaching for CEO’s has a tendency to forget that as a leader in the organisation, one of the most important tasks is making sure you have a great team in place. A great team will give you the best support and make a CEO’s job easier.

Here are 3 important core ingredients to build the best team:

The first is making sure that everyone in your team is working at least 75 percent or more in their main expertise.  Remember their unique characteristics that made you choose them to fill the position that was available. A huge problem in any organization happens when we try to make people do things they aren’t that good at or dislike because we just need to get it done no matter what. This happens all the time and executive coaching for CEO’s tend to gloss over this.  Be patient so you can get the right people in the right positions, doing what they love to do and are good at doing. The right person for the job is always the key.

The second ingredient is that your team members are invested in wanting your organization to succeed.  A commission structure or form of bonus or profit sharing helps. A timely promotion to those who exceed expectations serves as a good example to everyone that those who excel will be rewarded.

The final component is having a communication system that works.  As the CEO, make sure it fits and works for you first and then apply it to the rest of your team. Be careful to ensure that it works for everyone else on the team as well.  All the who, what, and where questions should be easy to communicate and everyone will be able to understand their responsibilities.  Executive coaching for CEO’s must do a better job in understanding how communications are handled and finding better avenues for effective communications.

To make sure you are on top of your game, invest in an expert who understands the importance of team and how the captain of the team can bring out the best in his or her team while making the captain an even better and more respected leader for the organization. Maximum Performance is all about expertise, not coaching, for the best results.