Don’t Always Do What Others Do For Business Success

When you’re planning your marketing, it’s crucial that you start with the big picture and move smaller as good business tactics.

Strategies are the big business tactics in your business. They are goals that advanced your entire business and help coordinate your efforts. Business tactics are the smaller tasks that you plan to use to move toward the big goal. Here’s an example, you have a strategy to make a website,, a better source of client referrals for your business. Some of the tactics utilized to do this are a site redesign, more effective use of social media on the site and some Search Engine Optimization.

Too many people start with a business tactic like creating a Facebook business page or Twitter page. But they have failed to align the tactic with any strategy. Don’t create a Facebook or Twitter page (or use any other business tactic) because you “should” or because everyone else does it. Just because someone else does it will not make it right for you.

Use only the business tactics that fit a particular strategy you are pursuing. If you are focused on tactics without understanding your strategies, you are simply creating chaos in your business and you will not reach your goals.

This means that it is critical that you sit down and get a big picture position of your business. What are your business goals and your timeline for achieving them? What exactly are you trying to create? This is an essential first step so that you know where you are going. First, you must understand the what and the why that you are creating.

The other common mistake is to only think about strategy and never find a way to translate it into specific executable tactics in business. This is the flaw of dreamers who never seem to find a way to real action. Utilizing tactics to develop your business is the process of deciding appropriate tools and resources you will use to get where you want to be. It’s the how to of constructing your business .

If you want your business to grow, you need to learn to integrate the what, the why and the how. You imagine, program, research and coordinate strategies while you are also being responsive to the market, flexible, and creative with a view to formulating tactics that work to move you towards your goals. It takes both sides of this equation to market your business well.

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