The Denver Broncos sports motivation for the upcoming AFC Championship game can be summed up with two words…Peyton Manning. The team has a burning drive to make sure Peyton goes out a winner in his legendary career. It’s one thing in the sports motivational arsenal to win for yourself and the team but when you add the respect and love that teammates have for their leader that gives everyone an extra boost to get the victory.

In their win against the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, the Broncos were lackluster but did enough to get the victory to advance to the AFC Championship game this weekend in Denver. The New England Patriots are favored to win but never count out a team that wants to get a victory for their legendary quarterback. Add to the fact that the Broncos are underdogs, in their own home field, and this can add more fuel to the sports motivation fire.

Peyton did not have one of his better games last weekend so his sport motivation level should be very high against the Patriots this weekend. Every professional athlete knows that their time for success is very limited and with Peyton’s sub par performance last week he will have even more motivation to show that he is one of the premiere quarterbacks of all time. Add to the fact that he will be facing another legendary quarterback, Tom Brady, and the well documented rivalry should be a game where both quarterbacks will hold nothing back.

For a real sports motivation kick in the rear just add the following ingredients like the fact that the winner get to go to The Super Bowl, chance to beat your rivals, and two legendary quarterbacks fighting for their respective place in history. If a game like this weekends AFC Championship game is not enough to get your sports motivation levels on high, there is not much else that will.

Manning's teammates motivated to get him to Super Bowl











Manning’s teammates motivated to get him to Super Bowl Mon, 18 Jan 2016 08:52:04 -0800

Much about the AFC Championship game appears to favor the Patriots, from the initial point spread to the way each team looked in winning its divisional game. But one intangible worth considering this week: How much Peyton Manning’s teammates want to …

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