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The results are in…from a survey of users who have taken Maximum Performance with either life coaching, executive coaching, or both, Maximum Performance absolutely dominates when it comes to getting results and overall satisfaction!


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Maximum Performance outperforms all coaching based on results, success, and satisfaction!

You can either choose to follow the leader for results or settle for plain old coaching

Maximum Performance works! Success is only earned by the few who will do what the majority (99%) will not do. Coaching is specifically for the majority (99%) while Maximum Performance is for the few who choose to get results. You decide which team you want to be on, ordinary or extraordinary, so choose wisely. If you are ready to get results we want to commit to getting your results now!

Take the rare opportunity to go from sitting on the seats or on the sidelines watching champions winning the game of life and finally get yourself into the game. Success is all about being at the right place at the right time, so this is your defining moment to win the game of life or just settle. The victories, rewards, and success are there for the few who do it.

Get Unstuck, Get Results, Achieve The Goals, Live The Dreams, And Say Goodbye To Useless Coaching Forever


maximum performance life coach“I never wanted coaching or a coach but needed something that would get me to the next level of success in my life. When I discovered Maximum Performance would be tailored to my own individual characteristics it was exactly what I needed to get me to the highest level of success that I never would have imagined could happen but it did.” 

Sarah Miller, Social Media Consultant, Philadelphia

sports motivation“When it comes to achieving my goals you could say that there is very little that would prevent me from reaching them except for myself since I become my own worst enemy. Having the opportunity to work with Coach J is a privilege and life changing. He is able to apply the correct solutions that allows you to excel and always achieve.”

Joe Gunderson, Technology Entrepreneur, Nashville

Maximum Performance Pro life coaching“I have spared no resources before on coaches or programs for my life and career but never really felt that I was able to achieve any great breakthroughs until I discovered Maximum Performance. This system blows everything out of the water. It is the best most comprehensive program for getting pure results and over delivers in every possible way.”

David Hightower, Senior Vice President, San Diego

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Coach J, America's Success Expert

People and organizations come to us specifically for results never for coaching. The key to success is that to be your best you must only use the best. The reality is that most is the definition of average and this is what is found in coaching. We excel at producing results for high achievers and have always correlated our extraordinary success to the success of our clients.

Coach J, America’s Success Expert, Maximum Performance

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