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“So many coaches and programs but so little results to show, so take a closer look at those coaches personal accomplishments and if it’s the typical vague and not specific bio run away as fast as you can!”  Coach J, America’s Success Expert

“In some companies having an executive coach is a badge of honor. But many top managers are finding that the advisers hired to solve their performance problems only make matters worse.” Steven Berglas, The Very Real Dangers Of Executive Coaching published in Harvard Business Review

“There was little empirical research evaluating the effectiveness of coaching.” Coaching Conference, University Of Sydney

Maximum Performance

There are tens of thousands of coaches and programs but only ONE that makes you a champion and gets proven results

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Why You Would Need Us?

→ You finally realize it’s now time to achieve your goals or it will be never happen so instead of dreaming about “if I only had…” this is your best opportunity

→ You understand that theories, coaching, and coaches offer little for real results and success but to be the best or your best you must only use the best

→ You are here because the #1 success system used by the world’s highest achievers in life, business, and sports is all about you and your success

Hello I’m Coach J. I don’t coach! I get results, make champions, and partner with you to ensure your long-term success.

Maximum Performance Coach J



If you are ready to cut through all the b.s. and excuses that prevent you from success then you are finally at the right place.

Our clients, who are our family and teammates, achieve more than they could ever imagine when they start with us because we are the only proprietary success program that invests the time in learning all about your individual characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses so we can implement the best system designed to give you the highest percentage for your success.

Truth be told, most turn to coaching and coaches for the promise of (false) hope. People and organizations don’t come to us for (false) hope, they only come to us for real results.


Coach J America's Success Expert

Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, And All Coaching Is Obsolete

Say goodbye to old, rehashed pseudo coaching. Useless coaches who claim things like Law of Attraction, will help you are history. The days of thinking about attracting ones success are ancient. Warm and fuzzy life coaching is now packed in the basement with the old Cabbage Patch Dolls collecting dust.

Let’s realize that average is a state where most remain content so coaching is still available for most who will only get the results of most at best. Most choose to sit at the game of life to watch the real champions play and win the game.

Will you remain content just watching our champions dominate and keep winning or will you be one of the elite few to make the decision to join the winning team?

For the few who chose to win, Maximum Performance is here always delivering results with the #1 success system used by the world’s highest achievers in life, business, and sports.

Time never stops for anyone, you may have been the big deal in high school but where are you now? Part of most or one of the few champions?

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The Opportunity For A Few

You will never regret what you did but you will always regret what you didn’t do. Ask your self about the risks you never took and the dreams you never pursued? Will you be like most and say “If only I had….”

Hey, you, WAKE UP! Life does not simply exist for you to get up, work, and wait til the weekend then rinse and repeat. This is for most, the average, those who get their hopes lifted by coaches, seminars, and self improvement books only to realize that doing what everyone else does only gets you the same results as everyone else.

Be aware that you cannot go back and make a new beginning like most coaches try to make you believe but you can start now with Maximum Performance and make a brand new ending.

You have a gift, just like Michael Jordan, Mark Zuckerburg, Oprah, or anyone you dream about becoming. What if you could tap 10% of what they know and do or more, where would you be right now in your life?

Well, this is our gift to you…

It’s important to do the right thing at the right time and this is that rare defining moment for your life. Do you finally win the game of life or just settle watching it?



We love sharing your stories of success and hope to see you join our winning team of champions soon!

maximum performance life coach“I never wanted coaching or a coach but needed something that would get me to the next level of success in my life. When I discovered Maximum Performance would be tailored to my own individual characteristics it was exactly what I needed to get me to the highest level of success that I never would have imagined could happen but it absolutely did that.” 

Sarah Miller, Social Media Consultant, Philadelphia

sports motivation“When it comes to achieving my goals you could say that there is very little that would prevent me from reaching them except for myself since I become my own worst enemy. Having the opportunity to work with Coach J is a privilege and life changing. He is able to apply the correct solutions that allows you to excel and always achieve in any situation.”

Joe Gunderson, Technology Entrepreneur, Nashville

maximum performance executive coach“I have spared no resources before on coaches or programs for my life and career but never really felt that I was able to achieve any great breakthroughs until I discovered Maximum Performance. This system blows everything out of the water. It is the best most comprehensive program for getting pure results and over delivers in every possible way.”

David Hightower, Senior Vice President, San Diego

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