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It’s time to say goodbye to old, boring, useless life coaching, executive coaching, Law of Attraction, NLP, and all the fake coaching. With failed results, bad coaches, and lack of real proven systems that produce results everyone goes through the coaching blues. The days of the same antiquated, rehashed theories and methodologies that everyone else uses are dead. All that warm, fuzzy coaching was crap and real achievers, champions know that real professional coaching is all about competing, winning, and results.

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Coaching Versus The Maximum Performance System: Head To Head Comparison 

The Difference Is Real…As In Failure And Success 



  • Coaching is based on the same old methodologies used by everybody else and renamed to fit the niche of a particular coach.
  • Coaching origins are from sports but fails to produce the achievements and results of real professional coaches from sports.
  • Coaches struggle and constantly focus on getting new clients and up-sells with little regard to the success of their clients.
  • Coaches fail to achieve their on success yet claim they can change your life, their initial consultations are sales pitches.
  • Coaching utilizes courses, seminars, or books you can get in any bookstore and you would save more money and time.
  • Coaches are usually part-timers and have little concern for client’s results because they need to focus on paying their bills.
  • Coaching is centered on antiquated theories adopted by each coach and given to clients without knowing their clients.
  • Coaching practices are all varied and sporadic with little industry control, no oversight by outside entities, or standards.
  • Coaches continually rename their coaching program periodically to lure new clients but it’s the same old coaching program.
  • Coaching is used by the average person expecting average results so coaches fail to generate any real success.

  • Maximum Performance is unique, proven, and ever evolving for each client. There is no one program that fits all.
  • Maximum Performance incorporates professional sports strategies and motivation used by world champions.
  • Maximum Performance is financially successful and has no need for up-selling, we focus on delivering results.
  • Maximum Performance extraordinary success is totally-based on client results, our success is your success.
  • Maximum Performance is a proprietary success system used by elite achievers that no coach can ever access.
  • Maximum Performance is a full service corporation committed to every clients’ results and long-term success.
  • Maximum Performance constantly develops new strategies, motivation, and applications to ensure client success.
  • Maximum Performance maintains the highest professional standards & ethics which are reflected in our demand.
  • Maximum Performance core foundation never changes-real results for clients! It’s all about your success.
  • Maximum Performance is used by the world’s high achievers who demand extraordinary results which we deliver.

Maximum Performance Delivers Real Solutions For Real Results For Your Real Success

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Maximum Performance outperforms all coaching based on results, success, and satisfaction!

Based on actual users who have had a combination of life, business, or executive coaching with Maximum Performance

Maximum Performance98%
Executive Coaching26%
Life Coaching19%


SUCCESSIf this is your life and you needed surgery you are probably going to find the best surgeon to operate. Well, this is your life so would you ever trust your life in the hands of the typical life coach who is mediocre in their own success but took a how to be a life coach seminar or would you place your life in the hands of the most trusted, successful program and expert used by the world’s highest achievers?

Real professional coaches  like Phil Jackson, Pete Carroll, Joe Torre, Gregg Popovich, and Coach J  deliver winning game plans  that contain the strategies to compete and know how to make the adjustments to win. Now is the time for you, the few, who really want real results and long-term success to  do it!


SUCCESSSuccess Matters! The key is will you have a beaten down old used car driving your success or will you be driving your success with a new, fast, unstoppable Ferrari…choice matters! Antiquated coaching or Maximum Performance? Your decision…your life!

Maximum  Performance – Everything Else Is Just Average

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum Performance is a completely custom designed proprietary success system designed specifically to your strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics. Forget coaching, personal development, self help, and the same old related theories and methodologies that turned up over twenty-years ago and has never changed except in names. This is an all inclusive system that gets results for all areas of your life, career, business, and sports that you might play as a pro, enthusiast, or weekend warrior. There are no up-sells, additional courses, or advanced programs. That is something life coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, and all coaches do to keep you paying on the promise of false hope. Maximum Performance was originally developed for professional sports, then top global CEO’s, and high profile individuals and organizations. Coach J then took the core elements and designed the program to benefit each client based on their own characteristics to insure their greatest results and success. It’s the same process world champions use to compete and win at the highest levels. Now, for a brief time, Coach J is committing his valuable time and expertise to help the select few who want to achieve their best life. Simply, there is nothing else better when it comes to your results and success.

Originally designed for the elite in life, business, sports, and entertainment but now offered, for the very first time, to a limited few who will achieve and succeed even more than originally thought possible. This is not designed for everyone, if we were to say that it would violate one of the biggest rules of success. Not everyone can be successful is a given because if it were true, success would not exist. Unlike coaching, who will get as many unsuspecting clients as possible to make sales, we will only partner with a select few who have the greatest potential of achieving their best. Our success and longevity have always been based on our clients success and we will never deviate from what has made us the premiere success program of the world’s highest achievers. It’s an honor to serve our elite clientele and equally an honor to be one of our teammates who becomes our family for life. All walks of life have accessed our program and it is solely-based on our analysis of how much you will benefit from our program, it’s all about your results.

The cost for the program is determined by an initial consultation and an analysis of the amount of time we would need to commit to you to insure your greatest results. Before being accepted into the program, we detail your investment and there are never any additional costs beyond what we discuss. We are not coaching or personal development where one price applies to all and keep the sales coming. This is a custom-tailored success system that is personalized for results just for you. It’s designed to last you the rest of your life. The best way to detail cost is that if you are looking for discounts, comparing this to any kind of coaching, seminars, or courses then you should purchase the aforementioned. This is an elite success system used by those willing to invest in their own success. It is not cheap or designed for the average who only want average results and will pay the average price. Cheap is life coaching with the matching results or rather lack of results that ends up costing you more in the long run. A simple analogy is if you want success do you want a coach who completed an online course for $10 or do you want a real professional coach, motivator, and expert who delivers results not hope? There have been people who ask us about costs compared to all the coaching, courses, seminars, and mastermind groups people will spend each year and we actually are less expensive because we are a one time get all your results for the rest of your life system. We wouldn’t be in business if our clients didn’t think we were well worth the results they have achieved. Like everything our costs are driven by supply and demand plus the results of our clients.

It’s easy, just click the GET RESULTS NOW button below in the blue box and fill out a brief, confidential form to assess your success in the program. We will then contact you for the best time and day for a 20-30 minute consultation to discover more about your needs and if we would both be a good fit for your success. We hope to have you as one of the few who chooses to be a champion in this game of life rather than a spectator of life which most are content to be.

We use a combination of phone, video conferencing, email, and one on one. Your time matters so we actually find the most productive mediums designed to best fit you, your schedule, and to deliver your best opportunities for success. At the end of your program you will have the opportunity to spend a full day with Coach J,America’s Success Expert, at a premiere private world class sports complex/resort in Southern California which is priceless on its’ own (Coach J’s fees are above $10,000 for a single hour consultation) but designed to further boost your long-term results and success. After completion and your results are being achieved there is never an end just teammates for life! Your success matters and we have a vested interest in insuring your continued success because it’s what makes us the best…your success is our success.

The difference in success and failure is not CHANCE  but  CHOICE…THE BEST CHOICE

Stay Average or Get Results? Your Choice!


THE BOTTOM LINE: You Either Want Coaching Or A Proven Program That Works